You are invited to join the Temecula Valley Wine Society and participate in many great wine tastings, food pairings, and other fun events.


If you enjoy wine and want to meet a group of other wine lovers, then take a look at the types of events that TVWS plans.  We look forward to sharing a glass of wine with you.


Please join us at an event. Click more to see our upcoming events.

TVWS Board 2018

President                         Terri Connolly

Vice President                 Robert Pratt

Secretary                         Ruth Lozano

Treasurer                         Nancy Hurtienne

Other Members               Gwen Long

                                        Keith Meyer

                                        Mona Modica

Past President                Tom Doyle



Membership in TVWS includes::

  • Meeting people with a passion for wine and a desire to be educated

  • Attend fun social events

  • Learn about wine and winemaking

  • Volunteer at winery events and competitions

  • Join us for fabulous trips


  • Join Jan - December for $35

About TVWS

The Temecula Valley Wine Society was founded in 1982 originally under the name "Women on Wine" and assumed its present name in 1986. The Temecula Valley Wine Society (TVWS) is a non-profit organization for all persons age 21 and older.

TVWS Mission

Dedicated to the Appreciation of wine through fellowship

Provide volunteer support to local wineries.

Award scholarships in disciplines related to the wine business

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